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buzzie bee helpers

All kidding aside, my children don't help with the laundry portion of the business. In the pictures, they are both playing in their own diapers :) In their pictures, Haydee is 18 months (taken just few days ago) and Liefe was 11 months (taken a little over 3 years ago). I'm posting the images because these two darling sweeties mean the world to me. They are completely why I keep going with the dream of getting more families to use cloth diapers. Each parent who makes this decision for their child helps all children. Less waste, less environmental damage. Plus, cloth diapering really does influence how people parent. It's a wonderful introduction to mindful or intentional parenting. I'd be curious if others feel similarly or differently?


dates of note:

Real Diaper Association’s first local Diaper Circle - RDA is cloth diaper advocacy group which Buzzie Bee and Maine Cloth Diaper Company are members. As a joint effort, we are starting a midcoast Diaper Circle - a gathering of those interested in cloth diapering with a chance to see diapering options and share support. Children are welcome. We’ll meet (usually) on the third friday of the month at 9:30 am. The first meeting is March 16th at the Skidompha Public Library, 184 Main St. Damariscotta. Second meeting, April 13 at Bookland’s Community Room, 91 Camden St. Rockland.

Cesarean Support Group - a new group is forming in the Belfast area. Next meeting, March 18, 3-5 pm. I plan to attend the March meeting and would love to carpool if anyone is interested. Here are the details from the group’s flyer: A group for Cesarean Birth Moms - Share your story or listen to others - let’s support each other - share in our grief and healing - gather information. Held at Morningstar Midwifery, Belfast, located at 137 High St. Suite 5. We are in the brick building between the Belfast Co-op and the downtown stoplight (next to the Jumble Shop). Come in the set of double doors marked 137, up the flight of stairs, and we are on the left. Babes in arms are welcome. FMI CONTACT JENNA 593-9208

Belfast Baby Fair - April 7 @ the Troy Howard Middle School. Buzzie Bee will have a table so stop by to say hello and look for some good deals. I haven’t gone in the past but have heard from several parents that it’s a great place to pick up good quality, gently used children’s items.