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LoveyBums ... for your lovey's bum

I've heard such wonderful things about LoveyBums that we're now carrying them. They launder well and are so soft that they've got to be unbelievably comfortable. Pictured here is a LIO - Lovey-in-one - with a wool cover and quick dry snap in diaper. Additional snap in diapers are available to create a colorful, economical diapering system. For the longest time, I've been a prefolds and Bummis covers kind of momma. While I'm still very pleased with the systems I've been using, I do like the color and variety that the LoveyBums add to both my personal and retail supplies.
Can LoveyBums be used with the diaper service?? Absolutely! Buzzie Bee Diapers offers all diaper service customers a 10% discount on all retail purchases (and no shipping charges!). We'd be delighted to launder the LoveyBums for customers. The wool covers need to be hand laundered (and come with a sample of lanolin to get started) but the actual diaper (organic cotton or sherpa) can be washed by us. Pam at LoveyBums assures us that they will hold up well in the wash cycle we've designed for the diaper service. And I can attest that Haydee's diapers are just as bright and beautiful now as when they were new.