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moving sale is over - we've moved

Buzzie Bee Diapers is now conveniently located within Clean Bee Laundry in Camden. Please visit us at 83 Elm Street (the Renys plaza). We're open 7 days/week - Monday through Saturday, 8 to 7pm. Sunday 12:30 to 5:30. You'll bee glad you did!


In honor of Mother's Day, the Bremen Library will be hosting a Parenting Resource Fair on Saturday May 8th from 10AM to 12PM in the library's meeting room. Admission is free, but donations will be gladly accepted. There will be numerous representatives from local organizations who support parents and families there to share information and ideas about their products and services. Healthy snacks will be provided and there will be activities for children as well. The library will have a Mother's Day present for every mom who attends and there will be generous door prizes for moms donated by local businesses.

This event was coordinated by one of our longtime customers. We're helping her diaper her second child. She invited us to participate - and when we couldn't be there in person (because not only is Mother's Day, it's our daughters' ballet recital - can't miss it!) she volunteered to represent Buzzie Bee Diapers. She's certainly qualified to do that!

We've donated a Swimmi for the door prize. Should be a fun event - if you're in the Bremen area tomorrow, check it out.


Green Fair 2010

Buzzie Bee Diapers and its sister company Clean Bee Laundry will bee at Plants Unlimited's Green Fair on April 17. Please come by, introduce yourself, register to win some great diapering products - and take advantage of our on-going 40% off sale (quantities are limited).

We're excited to spend the day in the company of like-minded, eco-conscious consumers and businesses. Hope to see you there!


sale chatter on

Thanks to the mama who is helping to spread the word about our sale - I just noticed a thread on Diaper Swappers about Buzzie Bee Diapers. I'm thrilled that the conversation is so positive - and that our little moving sale has helped lots of families on budgets to complete their diaper stashes.

I continue to try to keep the website current - listing items with limited quantities and removing items once they sell out completely.

Go Cloth!


the sale goes on

I absolutely LOVE cloth diapers. I am not so insanely crazy about website shopping carts. Being that we are a small, family-run business, we do the shopping cart maintenance ourselves... since we are trained in theater and art, this is probably not a good idea. We can't seem to figure out why the cart will tell folks that something is out of stock or not apply the 40% off sale to all items (when I certainly have checked the box that states 'sale ALL').

So... we really want to sell these supplies. We really don't want to pack them up to transport to the new location. That said, if you are having trouble with the shopping cart, please don't give up - please give us a call (542-0505) or send an email ( with what you'd like to order and we'll do our absolute best to get it to you.



Moving Sale! 40% off website purchases!!

As excited as we are to have Buzzie Bee Diapers fully functioning within Clean Bee Laundry, the idea of moving the retail stock is daunting. So, rather than pack, transport, unpack, etc. we are offering you a sweet deal to simply take the inventory off our hands. All diaper supplies are 40% off starting today. Purchases must be made through the website. And, of course, if we should run out something (that's the goal!), we'll let you know. We'd love your feedback as to what we should carry in the new location too. There's never "bee"n a better time to Go Cloth!


we can help you strip...

your diapers that is. Sometimes folks who home launder their diapers find that the diapers gradually become less absorbent and perhaps more stinky. This generally means that there has been detergent buildup in the diaper itself, preventing it from absorbing what it's supposed to absorb. There are internet resources about how to strip cloth diapers, it's not that difficult to do, just time intensive. We can help with that: bring your diaper stash to Clean Bee Laundry at 83 Elm Street in Camden. We'll run them through our commercial, energy-efficient, ozone washing machine to completely sterilize them. You can specify if you'd like the diapers dried in our commercial dryer or air-dried. All for just $1.05 per pound - for most diaper stashes wind up being under $25. Just another way we make cloth diapering as easy as can bee.