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good sale stuff

changes are coming to the buzzie bee hive - we've been looking over inventory... in order to make room for new stuff, we're offering sale pricing on some instock items. i'm relatively new to running a sale through a website... please call or email if you have specific questions about any items. let us know if there's something on the buzzie bee site that you'd like to see on sale. thanks!


So Proud! Real Diaper Industry Association website - check it out...

Mission Statement : The Real Diaper Industry Association will improve business conditions in the cloth diaper industry by sponsoring research, supporting business education and networking, and engaging in promotion and advocacy.

I am so proud of this group. It's wonderful to have colleagues who share this vision. If you are in a cloth diaper business, visit the website. If you own a diaper service or other cloth diaper related business, please contact me - together we really are stronger.