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we can help you strip...

your diapers that is. Sometimes folks who home launder their diapers find that the diapers gradually become less absorbent and perhaps more stinky. This generally means that there has been detergent buildup in the diaper itself, preventing it from absorbing what it's supposed to absorb. There are internet resources about how to strip cloth diapers, it's not that difficult to do, just time intensive. We can help with that: bring your diaper stash to Clean Bee Laundry at 83 Elm Street in Camden. We'll run them through our commercial, energy-efficient, ozone washing machine to completely sterilize them. You can specify if you'd like the diapers dried in our commercial dryer or air-dried. All for just $1.05 per pound - for most diaper stashes wind up being under $25. Just another way we make cloth diapering as easy as can bee.

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