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Buzzing on the Air

Years ago, I majored in English and Theater. I quickly discovered that I liked being backstage infinitely more than being on stage.

For a friend’s thesis, I reluctantly accepted the role of an angel who descends from the ceiling to center stage while playing the flute. For my own thesis, I designed and built the costumes for an equally bizarre performance. From the safely and comfort of a seat in sixth row, I loved seeing my work on stage.

On some level, writing this column has become therapeutic — as it forces me to make the time to reflect on my parenting beliefs. It’s also brought about some name recognition. For example, when I paid by check at the a local hardware store last week, the clerk told me he had read my piece about carbon footprint and how he had shared it with a friend.

So far, the internal and external benefits of Me & The Bee have exceeded my expectations. What I enjoy most is that I do it from home, on my own time, with my own computer, when my children are asleep. I like words. I like being able to think about them before I use them. And I can write, re-write, and re-re-write as much as I like before I send off this column. The process suits me. Just as running a diaper service suits me. Much of the work I do for my business is behind the scenes. I do see my customers, only not that often. And I’ve been able to plan how I want the business to run. Almost two years into it, things are running smoothly and it feels comfortable.

I was pushed out of my comfort zone when I was invited to talk about my business on not one but two upcoming radio shows. The opportunity to promote my business should be welcomed with gratitude and open arms. Like my children, my business will grow in the right direction if given lots of positive attention. So, with that in mind, I took a deep breath and accepted both invitations. The more people who know about the business, the more they are likely to support it. I believe in what I do and why I do it so I imagine I could have an intelligent conversation about it with the hosts. Still, why am I this nervous? Because, unlike words on the computer screen, the spoken word cannot be backspaced or deleted until the right word comes along. Because it’s me who will be interviewed, not my business plan.

Enter two daughters, stage left. Hearing their delicate but knowing voices, I am reminded that for all the planning I do, they balance me by being unwittingly sincere. They say what they mean because they say what immediately comes to mind. I think I’ll follow their lead this time.

Jennifer Moore Temple is the owner of Buzzie Bee Diapers, a cloth diaper service and supply company in Rockland. She can be reached at 542-0505 or via the company Web site,

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