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tea at the governor's mansion

Today I'm headed to Augusta for tea at the Blaine House. Buzzie Bee Diapers was selected for inclusion in Women, Work and Community's 30th Anniversary Profile Book. Of all the women who've worked with WW&C over the years, thirty were selected. The profile book will include a description and photo of Buzzie Bee Diapers.

The photo was taken by Sarah Szwajkos/Damn Rabbit Studios. She did a photo shoot at our home this fall. Being camera shy, I wanted to have the girls involved too. Sarah was great with them, even tolerating Liefe's need to have a stuffed horse in every photo. Towards the end of the shoot, Haydee was a bit tired (read: cranky) so Broo took her inside. We finished up on the porch, Liefe and me, surrounded by piles of (clean) diapers as neighbors and friends walked by, probably wondering what Team Temple was up to now.

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