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Making Miracles 2008: encouraging you to shop locally

United Mid-Coast Charities has teamed up with Bangor Savings Bank, Village Soup, and Elm Street Printing & Graphics to promote a holiday shopping activity - Making Miracles 2008. On Saturday December 13, participating merchants (Buzzie Bee is one!) will donate a portion of their proceeds to UMCC. 100% of donations will be distributed through UMCC to local non-profits. So, please visit our website - purchases can be made online or by calling us (542-0505) or email ( We offer free delivery along our diaper service route.

Given that Buzzie Bee Diapers is more of a service - and without a brick and mortar storefront, we will donate a portion of our profits from the entire month. Check back to see just how much we're able to send to UMCC.

Here's some information about United Mid-Coast Charities:

Founded in 1942, United Mid-Coast Charities has just completed its 65th year. In its 64th year, UMCC distributed over $500,000 to 60 agencies in Knox and Waldo counties. Just as UMCC has endured for 64 years of giving to charitable organizations serving people in need, so has its original style of operating. They do not waiver from three important tenets:

1. All contributions are distributed. No administrative deductions are ever made.
2. UMCC is an all-volunteer organization. There are no paid staff, only volunteer workers, including their hard-working Directors.
3. An endowment pays all expenses like postage, paper, printing, CPA & office services.

UMCC is determined to keep these tenets for the next 65 years!

Contributions are dicided amongst the agencies with the greatest need. In general, the Directors take into consideration many categories of need as requested by organizations. The funds get divided in approximately this way: 40% to Children's Services, 27% to Community Service, 15% to Medical Service, 13% to Educational Service, and 5% to Adult Literacy Programs. Upon request, contributions may be directed to a specific organization.

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