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Why Network?

Locally I participate in two networks designed to meet the needs of women in business. One is a statewide group, the Maine Women's Network, which has 3 chapters and the other is a local group, the CamRock Network. This is a lot of people contact for someone who is basically an introvert. It took me a while to feel comfortable in this role but now I find that I actually enjoy it. I have gotten to know, like and trust women that otherwise I might not have ever known. And I've had a zillion needs and interests met locally.

Through my connection to these groups, I've found:
  • a fabulous financial advisor
  • a realtor to help my mom buy a house in Maine
  • a programmer who solved most of my shopping cart concerns
  • customers who bought training pants, diapers and gift certificates
  • lots and lots of wonderful babysitters
  • a realtor who helped my best friend buy a house just a few miles away
  • an insurance agent who is funny and prompt
  • an editor who encouraged me to write a column for a local paper
  • other moms with connections to adoption
  • a diverse group of women who are rooting for Buzzie Bee Diapers to keep growing!
Interested in joining me at a networking event? I'd love to share this... just contact me and we'll work out the details.

Check out the CamRock blog on Village Soup

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