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Sisters' Summer Sale at Buzzie Bee

Sisters’ Summer Sale!
25% off
diaper covers & swim diapers,
los chiquitos fitted diapers,
hemp & organic cotton prefolds,
contoured diapers

(now through July 31)
in stock items only

June marks the month that our youngest daughter came home to our family - while she was in our hearts forever, it was on June 2, 2006 that we all landed on US soil (very wet soil as it was raining so much in Atlanta, we wound up staying the night as the airport was pretty much shut down due to heavy rains). We celebrate it as Sisters Day - the day our girls were "officially" sisters. This year we had a cake (Hermanas Siempre) on which I tried to replicate the Guatemalan flag and went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We realize that Guatemalan food isn't really like Mexican food but in Maine it's about as close as we're going to get. The restaurant (Blue Sky Cantina) uses a quetzal on their sign (the national bird of Guatemala for which they named their currency) so that was pretty good...

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