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(delivery) times are changing

Now that Clean Bee Laundry is in full swing, we're noticing that the diaper delivery route is just plain too long - both in distance and in how long it takes to complete it. We've made some changes already, Rockland and Camden customers are now served by Jennifer and her fearless little ones - thanks in part to Late Start Mondays at South School. The rest are still served by Broo in the Go Cloth Magic Toaster (we love the Scion!) just a wee bit later in the day as we can no longer manage getting up at 4AM to deliver diapers. As always, we will grandmother in existing customers, but we can no longer accept customers that cause us to deviate too much from the current route. I know of a service in another state that also serves a rural area - they have a 7 mile rule, where new customers need to be located within 7 miles of the current delivery route. That service is a lot larger than ours - because they also serve Boston suburbs. Perhaps if we were able to serve a more densely populated area in addition to midcoast Maine, we could make that work. But for now, we'll be taking each inquiry on a case by case basis. Thank goodness for google maps!

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