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what a week!

It's been a great week for many reasons - a successful diaper run, a stress-free visit from my mom, an inauguration that went smoothly followed by some kept promises, even more sales on the website, and a family birthday - Liefe turned 6.

Even though it's often said, it is hard to remember where the time goes. I can't believe I've been Liefe's mom for 6 years! I try to imagine where we'd be if we hadn't become parents. I wonder if we'd be in Maine. I wonder if we'd even think about diapers, let alone running a diaper service. While I was content with my life before Liefe, now that I have know the joys and frustrations of parenting her and Haydee, I'd never want to go back to life before children. Well, not for very long at least! They've taught me to live my life with intention, to stand for what I believe is right and what will benefit us all. Today I am thankful for a growing business, a healing nation, and a supportive family.

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