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Wonderful WOOL at Buzzie Bee

New items at Buzzie Bee Diapers! You’re probably heard people raving about wool diaper covers - now you can see for yourself. Just in from Loveybums (a mom owned business in Amherst MA) is a wide assortment of wool covers. Place your order during the month of February and receive $4 off each cover! Orders must be placed over the phone (207.542.0505) or in person.

Wool Crepe Covers $31
Soft and colorful wool crepe covers! Available in Lemon, Green Apple, and Baby Blue.
Loveybums wool crepe is a medium weight cover good for daytime or nighttime use. Snap closures.
NB/SM (birth to 12 lb.)
MD (9-22 lb.)
LG (18-30 lb.)

Wool Jersey Covers $31
Loveybums wool jersey is a super soft, trim diaper cover.
NB/SM (birth to 12 lb.)
Aplix Keylime / Snap Tangerine
MD (9-22 lb.)
Aplix Periwinkle / Snap Keylime
LG (18-30 lb.)
Aplix Aquamarine / Snap Periwinkle

Hand Dyed Organic Wool Covers $37
with snap closures. Each organic wool cover is made with two layers of o~wool.
NB/SM in Maize
MD in Cornflower
LG in Mint

Loveybums-In-Ones $39
Snap closure wool crepe cover with sherpa snap-in diaper. Additional sherpa snap-in diapers available for $14. Organic cotton snap-in diaper available for $16.
LG only in Periwinkle, Aquamarine, Tangerine and Keylime

Nursing Pads $5.75/pack
Loveybums organic cotton nursing pads are made with a layer of organic cotton fleece topped with a layer of soft, luxurious organic velour. Price is per pack (each pack contains two nursing pads).

Wet Bags $19.50
Loveybums wet bags measure approximately 12" wide x 14" tall x 5" deep and can hold several diaper changes. Each wet bag is handmade with an outer cotton print, an inner of PUL, and a sturdy zipper closure to keep wet diapers safely inside.

Lanolin Tube $4
This tube of .25 oz. Lansinoh lanolin is a perfect size to have on hand for lanolizing wool covers.

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