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we're back...

We're back from a fabulous time in Guatemala. Highlights included visiting at Safe Passage, touring a coffee finca ( [I have always appreciated fair trade coffee, but now after seeing just how much work is involved, will always seek out fair trade coffee...], and spending long, lazy days in the tree cabin outside of Antigua ( We experienced some adoption related moments of joy as well. Too much to blog about - but we're hosting a potluck/trip slideshow next Wednesday (3/17)... send me an email for details if you'd like to join us.

The diaper we intended to bring to Guatemala were inadvertently
left behind - along with all of Broo's clothes - in my dad's car as he dropped us off at the airport. Oops! We came home to a few requests for diapers for Haiti - so that's where they ultimately went. Really doesn't matter where they go, just that they are being used.

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